Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tucker Vs. Vulture Capitalists | The American Conservative

Again, Donald Trump is not going to take on the vulture capitalists. But the Republican Party had better find some candidates who will, while there is still time. The other day I wrote here about the parallels between the culture of pre-revolutionary Russia, and our own. Something is coming. And if it arrives, people like Paul Singer, and the party that does his bidding, will be wondering how on earth it happened to them. But the people out in Sidney, Nebraska, whose town was destroyed for the sake of filling Paul Singer’s pockets, and all those people in the heartland who have been devastated by the opioid epidemic, and the despair that fuels it — they won’t wonder. They won’t wonder at all.

It should not be the case that with the exception of Josh Hawley — who is off to a good start, but who needs to begin speaking in specifics — the only national politicians talking seriously about this stuff are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the party of open borders, abortion-is-a-sacrament, Drag Queen Story Hour, and transgenders in your kids’ locker room. Why is that? What is it going to take to wake up the Republican mandarins and make them see what’s happening in the country, before it’s too late for them, and for the rest of us?

I hope Tucker Carlson runs for president in 2024.


Maybe Paul Singer should set up a relief fund for the citizens of Sidney, Nebraska. That would be nice and it would be good PR. But the thing Dreher forgets is all the forgotten people who are better off when their 401(k)'s or defined benefit plans have more money in them because we don't live in some sort of museum of lost ways of life. Creative destruction is both creative and destructive.

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