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Friday, December 6, 2019

They took the "rare" out of "safe, legal, and rare" – HotAir

Today’s young feminists—as Hillary Clinton evidently understands—are determined to rid abortion of any lingering stigma, including the stigmatizing notion that it should be rare. They share their stories publicly and take part in a culture in which abortion is recognized and celebrated in stand-up comedy, television shows, movies. To someone outside their culture, all of this might seem, at best, unseemly, and at worst unfeeling. But they have not developed these sentiments in a vacuum. These women are fighting an equally intense anti-abortion culture, one that wants to instill shame in women as a means of reducing the number of abortions. The message of “rare” is not so different to them from the gruesome anti-abortion billboard or bumper sticker.


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I conclude that you chaps are all barmy until I realise that we chaps may be about to get ourselves a prime minister who is an anti-semitic, socialist sausage-dodger. (History provides a neat four letter word for such a fellow.)

Posted by: dearieme | Dec 7, 2019 8:38:52 AM