Tuesday, December 3, 2019

China Uses DNA to Map Faces, With Help From the West - The New York Times

TUMXUK, China — In a dusty city in the Xinjiang region on China’s western frontier, the authorities are testing the rules of science.

With a million or more ethnic Uighurs and others from predominantly Muslim minority groups swept up in detentions across Xinjiang, officials in Tumxuk have gathered blood samples from hundreds of Uighurs — part of a mass DNA collection effort dogged by questions about consent and how the data will be used.

In Tumxuk, at least, there is a partial answer: Chinese scientists are trying to find a way to use a DNA sample to create an image of a person’s face.

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China is implementing a totalitarian control apparatus that exceeds anything in Orwell's 1984. No one cares, so long as we get a trade agreement soon. This is not the future - this is now.

Posted by: Greg | Dec 3, 2019 5:12:07 PM