Thursday, November 14, 2019

Movie Review: 'Ford v Ferrari' a Delightful Throwback with Manly Appeal | National Review

Ford v Ferrari is a glorious throwback to the era when big stars did quality movies about actual people with real-life problems, but the scripts nevertheless adhered to basic Hollywood formulae such as “Have an exciting climax.” Today, the “awards-season” pictures tend to be allergic to entertainment, and they often trickle out rather than conclude. They seem more interested in making us feel guilty than inspiring us. Ford v Ferrari, though, is delightful old-school entertainment.


I am so going to see this movie, probably by myself, but I'll see it. I still remember watching Grand Prix in 1966, when I was only 9. That's when I was inoculated with the car bug, of which I've had a mild case ever since.

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Looking forward to it. Potentially a great story, especially if you're a car buff. The competing Ferrari is one of the most beautiful - and dangerous - cars ever guilt. The mortality of top race drivers of that era was appalling. i found this 2010 book book an entertaining account of that rivalry:

I'm with you professor on the movie Grand Prix. Sttill looks good today - even with no CGI.

Posted by: Greg | Nov 15, 2019 3:00:27 PM