Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Critics warn popular U.S. public school history book full of left-wing bias, propaganda | News | LifeSite

onald Reagan was “no intellectual,” the book tells students, Herbert Hoover was “standoffish,” and Dwight Eisenhower exemplified “the bland leading the bland.” Donald Trump, meanwhile, “bullied, belittled, and bamboozled 16 rivals to snag—some said hi-jack—the Republican nomination,” while his “legions of critics, including many Republican grandees, considered the brash billionaire a swaggering colossus of ignorance, vanity, and vulgarity.”

“Franklin D. Roosevelt garners a staggering 299 mentions in the book,” Oliver notes. “Nixon, who is the lucky subject of the most detailed section on a Republican, counts 135 mentions, but most of that coverage is about Watergate.”

In an extensive review of Pageant’s 12th edition, Hillsdale College historian Burt Folsom argues that the book is full of “distortions,” “contradictions,” and “defective historical methods” feeding a false conclusion that “the United States is fundamentally corrupt, and that the world is often worse off because America exists and has so much global influence.”

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This is the problem with government schools. Among others.


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If we put America's socialists in charge of the government, the tenor of the history books in our public schools would suddenly be a lot more positive.

Posted by: jmod46 | Nov 26, 2019 9:46:09 AM