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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Masked Men Firebomb Home Of Hong Kong Media Tycoon | Zero Hedge

Lai's security guards responded by quickly putting out the fire, Bloomberg reported, before reporting the incident to police. Though it's not clear who orchestrated and ordered the attack, it's certainly possible that the incident was intended as a warning for Lai to keep quiet.

Lai's publications, which include the Apple Daily newspapers, have drawn the ire of senior officials in Beijing over their overt stance in support of the protesters. Lai has been denounced as a traitor by the Chinese state media, and it's certainly possible that the attack was intended as an act of intimidation.

It's also possible that government-aligned thugs staged the attack as a "false flag", and intends to blame protesters. Moreover, protesters may have staged the attack with the intention of blaming pro-government thugs.


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