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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Plans Don’t Add Up –

At the heart of Elizabeth Warren's campaign for president—and of her entire career as a politician and public intellectual, really—are two simple ideas.

The first is that the economy is fundamentally broken. This downer of an idea was present in the speech that launched her presidential campaign on February 9, 2019, in which she declared that "millions and millions of American families are also struggling to survive in a system that has been rigged by the wealthy and the well-connected" and in which she insisted that the only response was to fight for "big structural change."


And can you guess what her second idea is?

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I can't even in my wildest, most demented imagination even begin to have a clue what idiocy she might come up with.

Posted by: Stu Buchalter | Sep 10, 2019 5:01:34 PM