Friday, August 30, 2019

Michael Mann "Hockey Stick" Update: Now Definitively Established To Be Fraud — Manhattan Contrarian

Anyway, the bottom line is that, after eight long years, Mann’s lawsuit against Ball has been dismissed “with prejudice” — meaning that he has no right to reinstitute the case. Also, the court has said that it will award at least some “costs” to Ball, although the amount has not yet been determined. Presumably, written opinions and a final judgment will follow, and I will update this post with links to those if and when I receive them. I would expect some triumphant claims of vindication from Ball and his supporters. In light of the court’s decision, Mann will be severely constrained in what he can do in response. Hey — why not produce your data and methods?

Will any of this embarrass or rein in the likes of the IPCC, the AAAS, or any of the many mainstream climate-hoax-promoting outlets that continue to publish Mann’s screeds? (Examples: New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post). Don't bet on it. As of today, I can’t even find any coverage of the court result in any “mainstream” outlet.


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This judgment is on its way down the memory hole. Chalk up another victory for Mann. He was able to "hide the decline," and to inflict a punitive process on his truthful critics, while avoiding (thanks to the MSM) exposure of his fraud.

Posted by: Greg | Aug 31, 2019 10:40:59 AM