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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Kevin D. Williamson has a people problem | Spectator USA

The other structural problem is that for all Williamson thinks the individual, that ‘smallest minority’, should have supreme status, you emerge with little sense of what an individualist society would look like and why it would be so productive and sophisticated. Say what you like about ‘neoreactionary’ thinker Mencius Moldbug, but when he took his stand against democracy he came with his own powerful if eccentric alternative. Williamson just grouses about the demos. We can agree, of course, that you should not idealize ‘the people’ when it contains so many embittered iconoclasts, paranoid pattern-seekers and tedious midwits. But we also have to accept that it was not the masses who came up with harebrained schemes like the Iraq war. It is not the masses who got rich off other people’s crippling opioid addictions. It is not the masses who enabled Jeffrey Epstein. Mocking the hoi polloi has its charms, but if you are going to be an elitist then a far more difficult endeavor would be making a case for a better elite.


KDW is often funny but I'm not tempted to look up to him. He sometimes seems to confuse the ability to come up with a really zingy put down with the ability to disassemble the other guy's arguments, or what the other guy's arguments should have been.

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