Saturday, August 31, 2019

Follow the money if the PLA kills the Hong Kong protesters

I do not know what is the smart move to ultimately have China turn into a Chinese version of freedom and non-belligerence, but President Trump has unleashed an economic war plan that could lead to a tectonic shift in the leadership model of the People’s Republic of China and what they choose to do in Hong Kong will be a global seismic event.

It is very simple: many in China see that very successful leaders and their families have become extremely wealthy, essentially economic leaches, while preaching and enforcing communism for all others. So much for benefits of Communist equality.  And like Li’s family, they also have explored moving money out of China.

The horrific lesson learned from Tiananmen is that if the PLA/People Armed Police do make a move, I suspect it will be swift and brutal. If history is a guide they will kill the kids, kill the medical teams, kill the relatives identifying the victims, and then burn the bodies and claim minor or no casualties using every denial and deception trick in their book.


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