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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dem Rep. Joaquin Castro: Here's a list of the names of max Trump donors from my hometown, to do with as you wish

I won’t reproduce the entire tweet as I don’t want to republish the identifying information. Suffice it to say that there’s a list attached with the names — and employers — of 44 people from San Antonio who gave the maximum allowable by law to Trump. Many are retirees. They aren’t all rich, I’d bet: The max individual donation to a campaign under federal law is just $2,700, a sizable amount but one within the means of someone who’s middle-class, has a nest egg, and is very enthusiastic about a politician. Castro’s not targeting people who can afford their own private security, in other words. He’s leading the most rabid anti-Trumpers, the sort of people who’d very much care to know who’s donating to Trump, right to the office doors of the “offenders.”


Idiot. Actually, that's too kind. Many idiots are nice, loving people. A$$hole, probably is better.

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