Friday, August 30, 2019

AI-powered cameras become new tool against mass shootings

Paul Hildreth peered at a display of dozens of images from security cameras surveying his Atlanta school district and settled on one showing a woman in a bright yellow shirt walking a hallway.

A mouse click instructed the artificial intelligence-equipped system to find other images of the woman, and it immediately stitched them into a video narrative of where she was currently, where she had been and where she was going.

There was no threat, but Hildreth’s demonstration showed what’s possible with AI-powered cameras. If a gunman were in one of his schools, the cameras could quickly identify the shooter’s location and movements, allowing police to end the threat as soon as possible, said Hildreth, emergency operations coordinator for the Fulton County School District.


It won't be long until these cameras can track everyone as they move about in public. What they observe could be fed into algorithms that will decide, e.g., if you're working hard enough and how that should effect your credit rating or your priority for various social goods. Spending too much time at the market, or not enough? Experian (or whoever) will hear about it and react. But this might be paranoid. One possibility is to live in the sticks, as I hope to do. Another is privacy regulation, which we're going to need it seems.

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