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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Pig Brains Partly Revived By Scientists Hours After Animals Died : Shots - Health News : NPR

The brains of dead pigs have been somewhat revived by scientists hours after the animals were killed in a slaughterhouse.

The Yale University research team is careful to say that none of the brains regained the kind of organized electrical activity associated with consciousness or awareness. Still, the experiment described Wednesday in the journal Nature showed that a surprising amount of cellular function was either preserved or restored.

The implications of this study have staggered ethicists, as they contemplate how this research should move forward and how it fits into the current understanding of what separates the living from the dead.


This is why I want to be cremated. Otherwise, if they catch you soon enough, you could end up being enslaved, running a powerplant or fish cannery while your consciousness was just aware of being exhausted or really needing to pee, or something worse.

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"The implications of this study have staggered ethicists"

I gave a little gurgle of joy - awfully easily staggered, these ethicist people.

Posted by: dearieme | Apr 17, 2019 4:11:30 PM

'Ethicists' -- an oxymoron if there ever was one!

Posted by: Stu Buchalter | Apr 18, 2019 7:06:40 AM