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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Who’s Afraid of Socialism? – American Greatness

Trump won, in part, by acknowledging the pain, frustrations, and lack of privilege among legacy America. They have been under stress from a combination of policies designed to diminish their numbers and their influence. Their decline is made worse by triumphant articles declaring whites will soon be a minority, as if this were simply a naturally occurring phenomenon, and not a result of policies that provide economic benefits to large businesses and political power to the increasingly anti-white Democratic Party.

In response to this, Republicans falter by accepting the moral framework of the Left. The Left calls ordinary policies—immigration control, tax cuts, and arresting criminals—racist and evil. Instead of rejecting this ever-expanding concept of racism as the summum bonum of politics, most Republicans jump to the same tune. When accused of racism they either denying the charge, or, idiotically, bring up long-abandoned aspects of the Democratic Party of yesteryear as proof of its enduring racism. Rarely is the table turned by questioning the morality of the Democrats’ envy-driven hatred for legacy America. By contrast, when a reporter asked Trump what he would say in response to Ocasio-Cortez’s claim he is racist, the president demonstrated his good instincts by responding, “Who cares?”


This won't end well.

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