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Monday, February 11, 2019

Progressive Jews and Anti-Semitism

Meanwhile, they support rabid black and Muslim anti-semites wherever they may be – on campus, in Congress, leading the pussy-hat Women’s March, Farrakhan supporters in Congress, in the social justice movement.

Jewish silence has already sowed the wind.

What must have shocked and sent shivers down the spines of Jews even remotely supportive of Israel was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s appointment of (Ilan Omar) this antisemitic newly elected congresswoman to the prestigious and powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, which oversees foreign aid and such national security issues as terrorism and the proliferation of nonconventional weapons.

Isi Leibler was born before the Holocaust.  He has seen it happen before.  He is calling out American Jewish leadership for their cowardice and collusion with the forces of left-wing hate.  He says the appointment of Ilan Omar to the Foreign Affairs Committee is a wakeup call.

In truth, it is a wakeup call to all of us.  Pelosi’s folly has given Congresswoman Omar the keys to America’s national security secrets.

When anti-Semitism rules, none of us are safe.


I'm old enough to remember when Jews supported Israel.

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