Thursday, January 31, 2019

New York, Virginia Abortion Laws: Infanticide Craze | National Review

The Democratic party has, with fewer and fewer exceptions, placed itself firmly behind the proposition that the Supreme Court should not retreat an inch from its protection of abortion. Democrats who take this stance are by implication supporting a policy of legal abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Only a small percentage of Americans — 14 percent of respondents in a 2012 Gallup/USA Today poll — takes that view. But most people are unaware of how expansive the Court’s rulings have been, which lowers the political cost for politicians who take this view. (For that matter, some of those politicians must be ignorant of this point as well.)


But seriously, if it's OK to kill a new borne infant, who is hardly able to think, let alone put together a coherent sentence, why isn't it also OK to kill an old Supreme Court justice (I'm thinking of the aged Justice Blackmun, for instance, though there may be other cases). You could have impartial bureaucrats administer a test, and you would not be able to rely on a law clerk. Back in the day, Justice Blackmun came to our small but undeniably cute university to give a talk which was barely coherent. He was not quite killable, but he was getting there, under my hypothetical, proposed standard. In this view, which I'm developing, human life would get value gradually, starting off at zero when born and gradually increasing until it reached its maximum at whatever the age of Congressperson Ocasio-Cortez is, and then declining to zero at the age of Congressperson Pelosi, for instance.

Now here's something I learned today that surprised me. Latin America is largely right-to-life, including the socialists. So the Sandinistas--very RTL. When the Norwegians threatened to cut off their aid if Nicaragua didn't change their laws on this point, the Sandinista government told them to pound sand, or snow I guess. But the Argentinian elites are pro-abortion. And the Cubans and Venezuelans presumably side with the Chinese, i.e., just kill the little buggers. Africa is overwhelmingly RTL, Muslims and Christians alike, though for different reasons; Christians because they love babies and Muslims because they hate feminists.

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