Monday, December 10, 2018

Hmmm: Roberts, Kavanaugh throw in with SCOTUS' liberal wing on Planned Parenthood defunding?

“This is a victory for Planned Parenthood,” NBC’s Pete Williams reported earlier this morning. It might not be a final victory, but it certainly wasn’t a defeat. The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of an appellate court ruling that negated state laws that prevented Medicaid recipients from using Planned Parenthood for health services other than abortion. The most curious aspect of the case is who signed onto the decision to refuse cert … and who didn’t:


Kavanaugh is running to be Robert's successor. You'd think once you got to the Supremes, you could just be principled. But not everybody thinks that way. And yes, this is all consistent with BK's higher principles. They always are.

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You know my methods, Watson. I wouldn't trust him an inch.

He had the huge luck of being subject to a Demorat witch-hunt, which precluded anyone looking for his actual weaknesses rather than than his concocted ones. Wot irony, eh?

Posted by: dearieme | Dec 10, 2018 3:19:01 PM