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Monday, November 5, 2018

Trump on false Kavanaugh accusation: 'How about the other ones?' | TheHill

"A woman who accused then-Judge Kavanaugh of horrible, horrible crimes admitted that she never met Judge Kavanaugh, or Brett Kavanaugh or a Kavanaugh period. Never met him, never saw him and the act never happened, and it was a lie," Trump told supporters during a campaign rally in Georgia.

The crowd burst into chants of "lock her up" as Trump stepped away from the podium and clapped.


Has anyone been to a Trump rally? I must confess, I am tempted to go to one out of scientific curiosity. I'm sure I could make myself blend in. As to this above question, of course, that's the question we'd like to know the answer to, not that's there's any chance of that. For my money, it may be that K was so drunk as a youngun' that he donesn't rightly know what he did with his boon companion, what was his name again? So, well, there you have it. Alas, Justice K refused to show his soft underbelly to his enemies and shockingly, prevailed in the end. Many emetic basketball practices and weightlifting workouts, no doubt undertaken while grossly hungover, pay off, as did the playing fields of Eton.

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I'm astonished that you give any credence at all to the lame tale.

Posted by: dearieme | Nov 6, 2018 6:33:19 AM