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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Six Takeaways From the Midterms | RealClearPolitics

In many ways, it was a strange election.  If you had told me in August that Democrats were going to win more than 30 House seats, I would have bet a large amount of money that the Senate would also be in play.  I would have a difficult time accepting that Florida would elect Ron DeSantis governor and (as it now appears) Rick Scott as senator.  The notion that Ohio’s Senate race would fall into the mid-single digits, that Mike DeWine would win the Ohio governor’s race handily, or that Michigan’s Senate race would be decided by fewer than seven points all would have seemed ludicrous.  Martha McSally keeping Arizona close (and possibly winning) would not seem possible.

Nevertheless, Democrats accomplished something that seemed impossible in early 2017: They took control of the House of Representatives; they picked up multiple governorships, including knocking off the governor they probably loathe most, Scott Walker;  and they flipped some important state houses, including the New York state Senate, which gives them complete control of New York state government.


It turns out Sean (whom I do not know) pronounces his last name "Trendy" as in fashionable, hip or with it. It's still a perfect name for him. He said something on TV the other night that might have meant he was a lawyer.

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