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Thursday, November 8, 2018

John Yoo: Whitaker's appointment as acting Attorney General is unconstitutional

Actually, I take it back. There are probably no fewer than three big-name right-wing lawyers who deem this appointment unconstitutional. The other, as you already know if you’ve read this post, is Clarence Thomas.


OK, this is actually troubling. Yoo is a serious dude, IMHO, and let's take his view as true hypothetically. This might suggest that PDT is willing to transgress constitutional boundaries in order to -- what -- perhaps protect himself? Protect himself from what . . . either the principleless and ruthless ministrations of his enemies, or, or rather possibly and, the glorification of himself as some sort of monstrous toad-baby. I don't really like the man, as much as I can't stand his enemies. At any rate, this will bear careful watching.

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