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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Progressive Tribalism Beats The War Drums | The American Conservative

Alexis Grenell — who earned her master’s degree in 2015 from an Ivy League school (Columbia) — is the face and the voice of elite liberalism. The Times editors read her savage essay and considered it within the mainstream of commentary, whereas no responsible editor of any serious publication would have published the same kind of rhetoric wielded against people of color.

Rivers of blood … blood pact … gender traitors … defend their privilege to the death. 

This is the language of tribalism. This is blessed by elite liberal gatekeepers, as long as it is wielded by the Righteous Tribe, against the Deplorable Tribe.

Members of the Deplorable Tribe are fools if they fail to notice this, and to respond to it. And you’re a fool if you don’t recognize that you are part of the Deplorable Tribe whether you want to be or not.


Well, she's young, and crazy too it seems. I think the time has come for everyone except the truly crazy among us to take a chill pill, Bill. The truly crazy should look into the many options for free psychiatric care. I supported Kavanaugh and I'm glad he was confirmed. I think the tactics used against him were deplorable. But it's nothing new. I was working in DC when Clarence Thomas was confirmed and there was much rage and gnashing of teeth. I know as I was one those raging. And yet the world wagged on, as it does. Social media has a way of teeing up the most inflammatory of opinions ("I'm glad we ruined his life"). But consider it's just one of hundreds of millions of opinions. You can get ten percent of Americans to say that Elvis still lives. Or could, back when people knew who Elvis was.

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