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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

National Review Institute Fellow David French Says Right Now “We Are At A Point Of Real & Profound Division” | Benson And Harf

On his piece The Wounds Won't Heal: This fight was more divisive than the 2016 election. You might think you're insane to say that because the 2016 election was incredibly divisive. But the reason why I say this is because in 2016 Hillary and Trump were not exactly the best sort of avatars and champions of their respective points of view or the respective points of view of conservatives or progressives.  A lot of people were able to say a pox on both your houses and hold them at arms length. The Kavanaugh controversy brought people, good people on both sides, into direct conflict over really a fundamentally different way in which they view the world. (00:52)


The Atlantic piece referred to by David French is indeed very good and worth a read. This is French talking about his piece with Ms. Someone or Other, the hostess (along with an undisclosed host) of the podcast to which you may link at the usual place. The weird thing is, it's almost as if French is reluctant to depart from the official text of his column and tell us any of the stuff you might expect from listening to a columnist being interviewed about something he just wrote. Still, what he just wrote is quite good, so RTWT (in the Atlantic--no links here. Sorry.)

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