Thursday, September 20, 2018

The air has seeped out of the Russia/collusion balloon

I was open to the argument that in some circumstances, in some small number of cases, there might be exceptions to this general rule, going even beyond enforcement of campaign finance laws and regulations: the Manchurian Candidate exception. This appears to be what our intelligence and law enforcement leaders thought they were invoking when they launched their probes into and surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Now it appears that, beyond a generalized suspicion, they’ve been acting on nothing more than the Steele dossier. A document unverified, as Steele himself has admitted in a British court — a document made up entirely of hearsay from unknown and unavailable witnesses, a document bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

So, it’s unsurprising to read that the intelligence and law enforcement agencies are resisting or slow-walking a promised presidential order to declassify their documents and deliberations. And that congressional Democratic leaders are insisting that the agencies submit such declassified material to them before making it public. They don’t want people to know that intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been violating the general rule that they should not interfere in electoral politics.


“The entire inquiry,” Bob Woodward quotes Trump’s ex-lawyer John Dowd, “appears to be the product of a conspiracy by the DNC [Democratic National Committee], Fusion GPS — which did the Steele dossier — and senior FBI intelligence officials to undermine the Trump presidency.”


Michael Barone.

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