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Friday, September 14, 2018

Meltdown 2008: A Grim Anniversary for the Middle Class | The American Conservative

In 1975, the pioneering underground playwright Robert Patrick produced his signature Boomer generation requiem, “Kennedy’s Children.” To appropriate that title, every Gen. Xer and Millennial alive today is a “child” of what happened on and immediately after Black Monday. Those of us in our late 20s and 30s were eagerly about to enter the start of what our yuppie parents called our “peak earning years,” after having worked crappy starter jobs for little or no pay. (“We pay you with the credit.”) High school- and college-aged Millennials were looking forward to the good jobs their overpriced and debt-burdened degrees were supposed to guarantee them after those first couple years of internships.  

It didn’t happen. As our World War II and Korea veterans might have said, the Meltdown threw away “the best years of our lives”—except it wasn’t for anything as honorable as halting Nazism or Communism. It was simply to feed the greed of financial sociopaths.


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