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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fisking the NYT on Oslo at 25 | Augean Stables

The NYT published a piece by their own reporters on Oslo at 25. It is a treasure trove of Y2KMind. On one level it’s yeoman-level journalism: a background, he-said, she-said, survey. It’s in the PCP1 packaging that the real problem lies.
It is not so much frozen in amber as subtly updated, with the only signs of intelligence to be found in the smooth introduction of perspective as fact, and conclusion as self-evident, and literally not a glimmer of new understanding. My fisking will focus on the alternative narrative/paradigm (HSJP) to which the NYT, and so many other high-level information professionals, have studiously avoided exposing their 21st century readership.
The governing assumption, the sine-qua-non of the analysis is a simple axiom, an axiom launched by Oslo in 1993, and turned into dogma in 2000: the Palestinians want a state, their own independent state. Any analysis that questions that dogma is, by definition, not fit to print. When you see the “Oslo Dream” referring to Palestinian hopes for a “democratic state living side by side in peace” with Israel, you’re reading the workings of Westsplaining Y2KMind.


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