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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

O-H-I-No: Ohio's special election is the canary in the GOP coal mine

After pouring millions more dollars than Democrats into Ohio's 12th Congressional District special election that took place on Tuesday, it's looking like Republican candidate Troy Balderson will squeak by Democrat Danny O'Connor by a less than 1,000 votes — or about one 1 percentage point.

Barring a miracle that O'Connor erases the gap from absentee ballots, a victory for Balderson is short-lived as he will go head-to-head with O'Connor in a rematch in three months.

This race suggests that Republicans have underestimated how much trouble they're in come November. As my colleague, Emily Jashinsky, pointed out before the special election, it's already a loss for the GOP just by being so close.


This is the Washington Examiner not CNN. I expect something of a moderate Blue Wave in November. It makes me very sad.

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