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Friday, August 10, 2018

Homeless people wearing barcodes to accept cashless payments

Homeless people are wearing barcodes around their necks in an attempt to increase donations in a cashless society, under an Oxford University backed initiative.

A new social innovation project, called Greater Change, hands homeless people a QR code, similar to the kind issued for online tickets.  

Passersby who wish to give money - but who may not have any change in their pocket - can scan the code using their smart phone, and make an online payment to the person.

The donation goes into an account which is managed by a case worker who ensures that the money is spent on agreed targets, such as saving for a rental deposit or a new passport.


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I applaud the new passports.

It's one of those problems that are so painful to contemplate that it's tempting to distance it by such dismissive humour. God knows what should be done. And by whom.

Posted by: dearieme | Aug 10, 2018 2:25:57 PM