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Sunday, August 12, 2018

China's Chilling New Propaganda Video Promises 'Peace Behind Me, War In Front Of Me'

China’s People’s Liberation Army released a chilling video last week called “I am a Chinese Soldier,” which was first spotted in the West by the National Interest.

The 2:20-minute video, released on August 1 for China’s Army Day, emotionally underscores the sacrifices made by service members of the PLA while showing off some of the country’s latest weaponry.

At one point in the propaganda video, the narrator says “peace behind me, war in front of me,” which The National Interest said could be interpreted to mean war is “inevitable.”


Watch the video at Chilling, yeah, you could say that. It would be different if the PRC Chinese were a bunch of whigs, what? what? But they ain't. They'd probably be a lot richer and less prone to war if they were. Sadly, the Communist Party seems to have had a strange influence of their development. I'm sure there are those in our international audience and weirdly even within our borders who feel a certain schadenfreude at this. But one can honestly say, life will be better for everybody, except the many millions of CCP cadres, I suppose, under liberty. It's not free markets, civil liberty, economic liberty, freedom of conscience, private science, literature, religion and all that other good stuff we in the West have at times shown some affection for. It's all of those things together. This is going to be your fight, boys and girls. For your sake, you need to get ready.

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Ming the Merciless

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