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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated. What’s the future of Roe vs. Wade? | America Magazine

Reversing Roe will not make abortion illegal in every jurisdiction. It would simply affirm the right of the people, through their legislators, to make the law, while upholding the right of the judiciary to say what the law is. Thus more than 40 years after the court ushered in an era of abortion virtually on demand, voters may once again have the right to debate the issue and determine what public policy should govern. This should be a welcome development for the millions of people who in dozens of public opinion polls have registered their objection to the expansive permissibility of the Roe settlement. It should also be welcomed by all those who believe that democracies should settle such matters by argument and voting rather than judicial fiat. The prospect of reversing Roe increases the stakes in this nomination battle. That potential reversal, however, effectively returning abortion politics to the states, offers the way to prevent the issue from continuing to dominate future Supreme Court nominations.


Roe won't be overruled, don't worry. The Chief will switch his vote and we'll have a precedent saying you have to follow precedents, even when they're wrong. Much ink will be spilt trying to figure it all out.

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