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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

When Reagan Spurned A Soviet Arms Deal — And Won the Cold War

They were prepared to improve — or expand — the deal. They were, though, desperate for Mr. Trump to stay in the confounded compact, lest we irk the Iranians.

So when Mr. Trump walked, advocates of appeasement went into a full-bore panic. Mr. Obama himself said Mr. Trump was “misguided.” The Washington Post said he “brought us closer to war.”

The Europeans expressed “regret and concern.” The ink was barely dry on Trump’s memorandum when The New York Times started carrying on about how there’s no “Plan B.”

That’s just what the Times did when Reagan — in a move that caught even his own staff flat-footed — stood up and walked out of Reykjavik. “What happens next?” the Times asked.


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