Monday, May 7, 2018

What Catholics have sacrificed by allying with Republican evangelicals

To me it seems remarkable that the closest thing we have in our officially secular republic to an establishment of religion is a sacrificing priest appointed to pray for our legislature. I would not see Fr. Conroy deprived of this benefice for all the world.

But that is why I am a Catholic rather than a conservative.


Rather eloquent in spots, but for heaven's sake. You're getting overwrought. Catholics have every right to be offended by some of the things Protestants say and think about them. Or rather, some Protestants. Yet I'm sure there are plenty of priests who have comforted young Protestant men in battle--we're talking about chaplains after all-- and plenty of Protestant ministers who have comforted Catholics. When one really needs it, I doubt one is too picky about a man's position on good works and faith alone. As to cooperating, it will not be long until it will take some courage to even admit in public to any sort of Christian association, Catholic or Baptist. Theological differences can be sorted out after that time descends and one hopes is endured.

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