Tuesday, February 27, 2018

'Two-way signaling' possible with a single quantum particle

Classically, information travels in one direction only, from sender to receiver. In a new paper, however, physicists Flavio Del Santo at the University of Vienna and Borivoje Dakić at the Austrian Academy of Sciences have shown that, in the quantum world, information can travel in both directions simultaneously—a feature that is forbidden by the laws of classical physics.

In classical communication, such as email, text message, or phone call, a message is embedded in an information carrier, such as a particle or signal, that travels in only one direction at a time. In order to communicate in the other direction using the same information carrier, it is necessary to wait until the particle arrives at the receiver and then send the particle back to the sender. In other words, it is classically impossible to perform two-way communication by using the single exchange of a single particle.

However, this is exactly what Del Santo and Dakić theoretically show. To do this, they use a quantum particle that has been put in a superposition of two different locations. As the physicists explain, being in a means that the quantum particle is "simultaneously present" at each partner's location. Therefore, both partners are able to encode their messages into a single quantum particle simultaneously, a task that is essentially impossible using .

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Well that's weird.

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Vampires suspected to invade Mulanje | Face Of Malawi

Barely after 15 years of rumor of vampires used to collect human blood in some districts in the country for political reasons, the speculation surfaces  again  as the residents of Mulanje District are not sleeping  in fear of their blood to be sucked.

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Donald Trump can build border wall, court rules - Washington Times

The ruling is a major boost for the president, and is all the more striking because if comes Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, who Mr. Trump famously called biased during the 2016 campaign because of his Mexican heritage.

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There are going to be a lot of disappointed coyotes, of the furry kind. Of the other kind too.

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Britain flooded with super-strength cannabis which could be driving mental health problems

Researchers at King’s College London tested almost 1,000 police seizures from Kent, Derbyshire, Merseyside, Sussex and the capital in 2016 and found 94 per cent were of a dangerously high potency.

In 2005 just 51 per cent of cannabis sold on the street was sinsemilla, also known as skunk.

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Sounds like rubbish.

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What the heck happened to Germany's military?

Recently it’s been revealed that Germany’s military isn’t just behind the curve on investment and improvements. It’s practically dysfunctional.

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How life on Earth might survive on Saturn's ice moon Enceladus

With its subsurface ocean and geysers spewing water and complex organic molecules, scientists say Saturn's moon Enceladus is one of the most promising places to look for extraterrestrial life in the solar system.

But what exactly would life on Enceladus look like and how would it function?

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Sounds like an ideal environment for vampire killer squids. Lurking. In the darkness.

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Supreme Court sounds wary of Microsoft's shield for emails stored abroad

Supreme Court justices sounded skeptical Tuesday about Microsoft's refusal to turn over emails sought by U.S. law enforcement agents with a criminal search warrant but stored by the software giant in overseas servers.

The case of the United States vs. Microsoft has been hailed by some as a major test of privacy in a world where electronic traffic is stored in a digital cloud. Many observers say the federal law known as the Stored Communications Act of 1986 is hopelessly outdated. And some said the court should stand aside until Congress adopts a new law.


But most of the justices seemed to agree with Justice Department lawyer Michael Dreeben, who argued that the court needed to decide the case before them based on the current law and on the idea that a criminal search warrant from a judge must be honored.

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Sounds right to me.

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How China's New Lifelong Dictator Threatens The West

China is ushering in another life-long dictator, for the first time since the death of communist China’s founder, Chairman Mao. China’s current constitution states that the president and vice-president “shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.” But China’s Communist Party has announced a proposal to scrap the constitutional term limits of the president and vice-president, which in turn paves the way for China’s current president Xi Jinping to stay on indefinitely.

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Catholic Church Considers Married Priests to Ease Amazon Clergy Shortage - WSJ

In the remote Brazilian town of Tabatinga, João Souza da Silva helped construct the Roman Catholic church where he got married 31 years ago, a wedding that officially ended his boyhood dream of becoming a priest.

He may get a second chance, as Catholic leaders in the vast Amazon basin consider whether the church should let married men become priests in certain cases. The issue is likely to be discussed at a gathering of bishops Pope Francis has called for next year about the church in the Amazon.


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An idea whose time has come a long time ago.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Elizabeth Warren's stealth campaign to overcome her 'Pocahontas' problem

When Elizabeth Warren made a surprise appearance at a Native American event about two weeks ago, it was clear she was looking to clear up a problem ahead of a possible presidential run. Today, Politico reports that appearance wasn’t the extent of her effort. She has been quietly meeting with Native American leaders in what Politico dubs a “stealth campaign” to backstop her own biography:

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