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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Monster Fatberg Goes On Display at London Museum | Smart News | Smithsonian

You might be forgiven for thinking that “the Beast” of London’s Whitechapel district is a nickname for Jack the Ripper, but in fact it is the name of a much more recent villain. In September 2017, sewer workers in London discovered the Beast in the Whitechapel sewer, a “fatberg” made of oil and grease poured down London drains mixed with flushed wet wipes, diapers and condoms that failed to disintegrate. The Beast weighed in at 130 tons, the weight of about 19 African elephants and stretched 820 feet, almost stretching the total length of the London Bridge. Though it was cleaned out by sewer workers, a bit of the Beast still remains, and now, as Mark Brown at The Guardian reports, the lipid-curious can take a look at a bit of the fatberg at the Museum of London.


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