Sunday, December 31, 2017

Eugenics: the skeleton that rattles loudest in the left's closet

Such thinking was not alien to the great Liberal titan and mastermind of the welfare state, William Beveridge, who argued that those with "general defects" should be denied not only the vote, but "civil freedom and fatherhood". Indeed, a desire to limit the numbers of the inferior was written into modern notions of birth control from the start. That great pioneer of contraception, Marie Stopes – honoured with a postage stamp in 2008 – was a hardline eugenicist, determined that the "hordes of defectives" be reduced in number, thereby placing less of a burden on "the fit". Stopes later disinherited her son because he had married a short-sighted woman, thereby risking a less-than-perfect grandchild.

Yet what looks kooky or sinister in 2012 struck the prewar British left as solid and sensible. Harold Laski, stellar LSE professor, co-founder of the Left Book Club and one-time chairman of the Labour party, cautioned that: "The time is surely coming … when society will look upon the production of a weakling as a crime against itself." Meanwhile, JBS Haldane, admired scientist and socialist, warned that: "Civilisation stands in real danger from over-production of 'undermen'." That's Untermenschen in German.

What I did when I found something wrong in my system of thought (I realized the Soviet Union was indeed as brutal as everyone said it was) was rethink it and end up somewhere else. But that's not going to happen.

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All swans look black to man with head up butt.

Posted by: Confucius Styles | Dec 31, 2017 8:47:16 PM

Leftists are still practicing eugenics with enthusiasm, but they changed their standards of what counts as good genes. Their incessant hooting about "whiteness" is evidence of the shift, as are their migration policies, in place for decades, which favor a flood of browns into Europe and N. America from Africa, the Middle East, and countries like Pakistan.

Now, Haldane was correct that civilization has an undermen problem, but not for reasons which contemporary leftists want anyone to discuss publicly.To understand the problem, study the most important graph concerning human demographics. It shows that we have a rising political problem of potentially global scope. The implications of the graph are so unsettling that widespread awareness alone could lead to radical political upheaval in Europe and the Americas.

The World’s Most Important Graph:
African Population Projections

So, what exactly is intrinsically wrong with dread "eugenics"? Reasonable people practice it all the time when refusing to consider cripples, the mentally retarded, and the congenitally diseased as potential mates. White males in N. America are becoming famous for disdaining African females, who are the ugliest and the most savage of any breed of human. In fact, hostility to the private practice of eugenics, though popular among egalitarians and the tender minded, is evidence of perversity. Healthy animals seek healthy mates, not degenerates.

Instead of fashionable contempt for eugenics, we ought to disdain governmental breeding policies. They aren't developed rationally and often promote outlandish outcomes, e.g. high rates of child bearing among the urban underclass. This implies abolition of welfare schemes which the underclass uses to care for its unneeded children. Likewise, we need to terminate the breeding policy expressed through the immigration reform acts of the 1960's and 1970's. These changes won't be eugenic in the nefarious sense of leftist paranoia but antieugenicist in the sense of rolling back the leftists' own governmental breeding programs and policies, which in reality are dysgenic programs and policies.

Posted by: Allan | Jan 1, 2018 2:16:59 PM