Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Whiteness Doesn’t Cause Mass Shootings

Ciccariello-Maher’s claims sit comfortably within an emerging subgenre of post-mass-shooting punditry. As Daniel Engber noted in Slate after the Las Vegas attacks, ‘The Huffington Post published [actor Cole] Sprouse’s tweets as a ’Powerful Take on Whiteness and Mass Shootings.’ An article in Elle called the link between white men and mass shootings ‘a general rule’ and proposed that ‘our refusal to confront toxic white male violence is why this problem will metastasize.’ The progressive news site ThinkProgress said that ‘when we talk about mass shootings, we are talking about white men.’ Newsweek wondered if ‘white men commit mass shootings out of a sense of entitlement.’ A CNN opinion piece bemoaned the fact that ‘America has silently accepted the rage of white men.’”

via nymag.com

This is just pure racism, if I'm even allowed to say that.


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