Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Archdiocese of Washington files lawsuit against WMATA after Christmas ad rejected

The Archdiocese of Washington filed a federal lawsuit against Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s advertising guidelines after the WMATA rejected its proposed ad.

WMATA's legal counsel cited company guidelines while rejecting the ad, saying it "depicts a religious scene and thus seeks to promote religion."

The WMATA policy states, "Advertisements that promote or oppose any religion, religious practice, or belief are prohibited." But the Archdiocese is contesting the rejection, saying the ad "conveys a simple message of hope, and an invitation to participate in the Christmas season."


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NBC Fires Matt Lauer for Sexual Misconduct, but the Worst Is Yet to Come

The bombshell announcement—a week after CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose was removed from his anchor chair, and had his eponymous PBS and Bloomberg Media show canceled, because of sexual-harassment complaints published by The Washington Post—came amid weeks-long rumors that unnamed outlets were preparing to run an investigation about allegations of Lauer’s workplace misconduct.

CNN reported The New York Times had been working on a story for weeks about Lauer’s alleged misconduct.


Can I get a rough percentage of how many men at the top of their professions are pigs? Maybe I systematically underestimated the number. I've heard Matt Lauer was a pri@& but that doesn't mean he was mauling women. But I guess in this case it does. Maybe it's just Hollywood, the media, politics, the Catholic priesthood (directed at boys), Protestant ministries, some Jews. Anybody else? It's almost enough to make you a feminist, if the feminists weren't also such creepy socialists.

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What Trump knows about 'Pocahontas' and the CFPB | Fox News

What is rich, of course, is that the fury unleashed on Trump for referencing Warren’s pretense to Native American heritage is mountains more intense than the criticism leveled at the Massachusetts senator for making the claim in the first place.

In this era, when people are called out for “cultural appropriation” if they wear sombreros or Viking helmets for Hallowe’en, how can we ignore the fiction that Warren apparently created and that she is accused of using to advance her career?


Well, yeah. I suppose it is wrong to say you're Native American when you're not to get ahead. But what if the underlying preference is itself bottomlessly corrupt? Frankly, if my grand pappy told me I was part Apache, I would have sure as heck have checked the little box that gave me a shot at Harvard. But the closest I can come is Atlantic Islander. Some investigation into my ancestry has only revealed me to be even whiter than I supposed. I do have some Quaker ancestry. Who knew? And my mother's 100 percent Irish is not all that white by standards as recent as the 1930's. So yes, anyway, Senator Warren is a fraud and I would not bet on her empirical scholarship either. But what she is a genuine progresso-socialista, to coin a term. I may joke about pulling up stakes, but if she got into the WH, presumably with Democrat majorities in Congress, it might really, truly be time to pull up stakes. But where, where to flee? And things were going so well, as recently as 1999.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Pocahontas Pickle

USA Today summarizes the obvious

Trump's reignition of the racially-charged slight reinforced his complete disregard for politically correct boundaries. It illustrated his affinity for branding his opponents with pithy nicknames in order to degrade their stature. But it also reopened a controversy for Warren that even some Democrats say she mishandled during her 2012 campaign.

And if she runs for the White House in 2020, the "Pocahontas" problem won't go away. She'll need a pithier, clear-throated response to those hearing the details for the first time and a way to turn the tables on Trump.

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Republicans Clear Major Hurdle as Tax Bill Advances

Republicans emerged from the lunch increasingly optimistic about the bill’s fate and playing down the concerns that had threatened to bedevil its passage. Three key Republican holdouts, Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Bob Corker of Tennessee and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, sounded positive about the bill on Tuesday after gaining assurances from Mr. Trump and the Republican leadership that their worries would be addressed.

Thus speaks the NY Times. My colleague, an eminent tax lawyer with boots on the ground experience on the Hill (as a Democrat) expressed confidence and some chagrin  on Monday that the tax bill would pass. A lot of the suspense in the media has been somewhat to utterly overblown. The market seems to think the bill will pass as well, though I suppose a lot of that has been already priced in. I hope the talk on some sort of compromise on state and local taxes comes to fruition. Alternatively, I might dust off an old plan I have to live in Nevada and learn to fly a small plane. But probably they're really expensive and you don't want to buy anything too used.

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Trump Twitter rampage: Muslim videos, Scarborough conspiracies, and a little North Korea; Update: Theresa May condemns - Hot Air Hot Air

How bad was it? Bad enough that even the guys at Infowars — Infowars — urged him to ease off the accelerator a bit:


Links to the videos.

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Trump retweets anti-Muslim videos from far-right U.K. figure - POLITICO

President Donald Trump on Wednesday shared a series of videos with his Twitter followers portraying Muslims as violent and dangerous, drawing condemnation from British Prime Minister Theresa May's office.

All three videos were originally posted to Twitter by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the far-right, ultranationalist group Britain First. She was found guilty last year of religiously aggravated harassment of a Muslim woman.

In one video, labeled by Fransen as “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches,” a young man beats up another young man, who is using crutches, punching him until he falls to the ground and then kicking him several times. There is no obvious indication, aside from Fransen’s accompanying text, that the assailant is Muslim.

The second of Fransen’s video’s retweeted by Trump features a bearded man shattering a statue of the Virgin Mary. In the third, a group of men, including one carrying a black flag, attack another group, beating them as they fall from a higher ledge.

“It is wrong for the president to have done this,” a spokesman for May said, saying Britain First uses "hate-filled narratives to peddle lies and stoke tensions."


Horrified face emoji. Face palm emoji. Millions of cute little dogs whimper and weep.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

GOP gains momentum on tax cuts | TheHill

Senate Republicans have significant momentum ahead of a possible vote this week on tax legislation following a meeting of their caucus with President Trump.

Trump has made clear he’s willing to deal with senators on their individual demands, and his offerings paid quick dividends Tuesday.

Within an hour of the Trump meeting, the Senate Budget Committee voted to advance the tax bill on a party-line vote.


I would be happy but for the personally painful parts which fall on the virtuous and the wicked alike. I may have to become Tom's Legal Instruction LLC, but I doubt MSBUCU would go for it.

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Exclusive: Age of Jesus Christ’s Purported Tomb Revealed

Over the centuries, Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre has suffered violent attacks, fires, and earthquakes. It was totally destroyed in 1009 and subsequently rebuilt, leading modern scholars to question whether it could possibly be the site identified as the burial place of Christ by a delegation sent from Rome some 17 centuries ago.

Now the results of scientific tests provided to National Geographic appear to confirm that the remains of a limestone cave enshrined within the church are remnants of the tomb located by the ancient Romans.


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Stocks rally to records as Republican tax bill moves toward Senate vote - MarketWatch

Stocks closed at records Tuesday after bouncing around during the regular session as geopolitical tensions and domestic developments pulled the market in different directions.

All three main indexes had traded in record territory earlier but came off highs as North Korea tested a ballistic missile for the first time in more than two months. But the indexes soon regained lost ground after a Republican tax proposal moved a step closer to a Senate vote.


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