Monday, October 23, 2017

As San Francisco trial opens in killing of Kate Steinle, prosecutor says, ‘He meant to shoot’ - SFGate

When city prosecutors discharged the case, the Sheriff’s Department released Garcia Zarate despite a federal request to hold him for deportation. Then-Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi cited the city’s sanctuary policies, which limit local cooperation with immigration enforcement and seek to encourage undocumented people to feel comfortable having a relationship with city agencies.

Anger over Garcia Zarate’s release contributed to Mirkarimi’s 2016 re-election defeat. But San Francisco remains committed to its sanctuary status, and Gov. Jerry Brown this month signed a bill to create a statewide sanctuary policy.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors amended the city’s sanctuary policies after the shooting. But if a person with Garcia Zarate’s record were in San Francisco jail today, and eligible for release, he would still be freed rather than turned over to immigration agents.


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