Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Fall and the Rise of New York City's Times Square

“In 1971, the year that we set the beginning of The Deuce, I was 11 years old,” co-creator David Simon recalled. At 17, he spent the summer in New York while working at an uncle’s warehouse: “I can tell you that, while the city felt electric and volatile and amazing and, from its debauchery to its culture, it felt like an incredible place, it was also dangerous as hell.”


I remember being at the 14th St. subway station in what must have been the late 1970s, very early in the morning. There were a few other young male persons there, looking predatory. I walked away and they followed. That was very scary. I guess I came out of it all right. It seemed I was getting myself into situations like that far too frequently when I was a young 'un. That's one thing I don't miss about my youth.There must be parts of NYC that are still like this, but now you'd have to look for them. Back then, there were lots of streets that had that palpable sense of danger about them.

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