Monday, July 31, 2017

Venezuela is now either Cuba or North Korea - Hot Air Hot Air

Unless there’s a drastic (and probably violent) change in course, the stage seems to be set. Maduro has completed his takeover and will now be able to rule essentially as a dictator. He’ll probably gather the support of a few other authoritarian regimes, but even that will be limited until he can get his oil production back up. (Assuming he can manage it.) For now, Venezuela will likely become a hermit kingdom, much in the style of either Fidel Castro’s Cuba during the early years or North Korea’s present regime. And the real losers in all of this will be the Venezuelan people. They are currently starving while living on some of the richest farmland on the continent and their government is almost bankrupt while sitting atop some of the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world. These are the fruits of socialism. Watch closely if you are cheering for similar policies in the United States.


Bernie Sanders will not be taking questions about Venezuela.

I wonder what gun control policies are in Venezuela. I really do think that the fact there are so many guns in the hands of U.S. citizens is one of the things that makes this turn of affairs impossible here or at least unlikely. That view makes me crazy in the view of bien pensant academics, certainly. Yet it seems so obvious to me.

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