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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump’s Kremlin Connections Overwhelm the White House | Observer

Since the Intelligence Community has already concluded that Russian spies, acting on the orders of President Vladimir Putin, clandestinely interfered in our election last year, to benefit Trump at the expense of Hillary Clinton, the Republican candidate’s regular contacts with the Kremlin and its spy agencies appear highly suspicious and raise many troubling questions. Here some of Trump’s stranger utterances on the campaign trail, for instance his encouraging Moscow last summer to release more of his opponent’s purloined emails, go from appearing merely unseemly to potentially something much worse.

In response to the latest revelations of Team Trump’s troubling Moscow linkages, his defenders are citing the usual litany of excuses which we are accustomed to hearing from Wikileaks and all the other Putin-helpers in the media. That our spy agencies are out of control and spying on Americans. That the IC is partisan and inclined to casually break laws. That Americans should fear our own spies, but strangely not Russia’s.


Schindler has to be listened now, I guess. He's a Clinton supporter, which means I guess that Clinton mega-corruption in his book is less threatening than Putin's potential influence with Trump.

Also, I'm not sure about Schindler's legal analysis of the NSA's leak (which I think he's assuming) was legal. Just because the NSA legally picked up the phone call doesn't mean they can legally leak it.

In any event, you'd have to go far into profanity to characterize the situation in Washington right now. Maybe "going to the mattresses" or something for the PG version. I guess elections don't matter anymore.

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"I guess elections don't matter anymore": not if The Conspiracy loses.

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 16, 2017 2:11:47 PM