Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did the Oscars Just Prove That We Are Living in a Computer Simulation? - The New Yorker

And so both of these bizarre events put one in mind of a simple but arresting thesis: that we are living in the Matrix, and something has gone wrong with the controllers. This idea was, I’m told, put forward first and most forcibly by the N.Y.U. philosopher David Chalmers: what is happening lately, he says, is support for the hypothesis that we are living in a computer simulation and that something has recently gone haywire within it. The people or machines or aliens who are supposed to be running our lives are having some kind of breakdown. There’s a glitch, and we are in it.

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This is one of those ideas that is so strange, so bizarre, so off-beat that it isn't true.


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The best explanation I've seen for the end-of-the-pier show level of competence was that the blame lies with the vanity of luvvies. They won't be photographed wearing their reading glasses and so the comic calamity occurred.

Myself I'd blame the idiot accountants.

Posted by: dearieme | Mar 1, 2017 4:55:09 AM