Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why Saint Thomas Aquinas Opposed Open Borders

Every nation has the right to distinguish, by country of origin, who can migrate to it and apply appropriate immigration policies, according to the great medieval scholar and saint Thomas Aquinas.

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Trump's point man on trade: 'We envision a more Germany-style economy'

"We envision a more Germany-style economy, where 20 percent of our workforce is in manufacturing," he said. "And we're not talking about banging tin in the back room."

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I don't like the sound of this. But, Germany is currently a very clean country. That's good, right?

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A Huge Cosmic Void Is Repelling Our Galaxy | RealClearScience

Today, in the journal Nature Astronomy, a team of researchers led by Hebrew University cosmologist Yehuda Hoffman has reported that they've found... nothing. To be clear, they've found something, but that something is essentially nothing.

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Never mind, it's nothing.

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Ocado tests 'soft' robot hand that can pick and pack fruit | Daily Mail Online

British firm Ocado, the world's largest online-only supermarket, is testing a soft robotic hand that can delicately pick-up and pack fruits and vegetables in its warehouse.

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"What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash"? Everybody, Especially Patients, Wins - Hit & Run : Reason.com

Anyone who has ever tried to shop around for prices on medical care knows how dysfunctional the market is. It's not because huge amounts of money isn't changing hands; it's that nobody really knows what anything costs at any given moment in time.

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Priest tells anti-Trump protesters to commit suicide | New York Post

“Show your hate for Trump. Do it for social justice. #JumpAgainstTrump,” read a meme posted by the Rev. Philip Pizzo just hours after he celebrated Sunday Mass.

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Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Sided With Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor | LifeNews.com

The Supreme Court ultimately sided with Hobby Lobby and the Court ruled that companies like it can be exempt from the Obama abortion mandate. Gorsuch sided with Hobby Lobby in 2013, writing, “The ACA’s mandate requires them to violate their religious faith by forcing them to lend an impermissible degree of assistance to conduct their religion teaches to be gravely wrong.”

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That's good.

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Sally Yates: Profile in Partisanship | RealClearPolitics

Senate Democrats are slow-walking President Trump’s Cabinet appointments, which is why Democrats are still running the Justice Department. Is that an example Democrats will want Republicans to follow in four years if Trump loses to their candidate? As for John Conyers’s standard, think about his logic for a moment: An acting Cabinet secretary from a previous administration should be able to tell a sitting president that she doesn’t like his policies and won’t implement them—and still keep her job. That’s not a prescription for good governance. It’s a prescription for anarchy.

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Of course, but former General Yates's audience is just other Democrats. I wonder if her correct mode of address is still "General" under the circumstances.

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Trump picks conservative judge Gorsuch for U.S. Supreme Court | Reuters

President Donald Trump on Tuesday nominated Neil Gorsuch for a lifetime job on the U.S. Supreme Court, picking the 49-year-old federal appeals court judge to restore the court's conservative majority and help shape rulings on divisive issues such as abortion, gun control, the death penalty and religious rights.

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A good choice, maybe even a great one. Gorsuch will almost certainly be confirmed. Of course, lots of things can happen.

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Populist/Authoritarian Strains Worry Koch Network | RealClearPolitics

The Koch network has long championed a conservative approach to government — one now at odds with the populist and nationalist ideologies for which President Trump has become a powerful avatar. Inside the White House, chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior policy adviser Stephen Miller have begun to advance those ideas into policy, suggesting a level of ideological commitment that Trump’s campaign did not.

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