Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Come on: Trump considering president of Goldman Sachs for budget chief? « Hot Air

First Steve Mnuchin at Treasury, now this. Trump’s two top fiscal officers may end up being Goldman Sachs alums, one of them among the biggest cheeses at the firm. This, after months of calling Ted Cruz a Wall Street puppet because he’s married to a Goldman employee and had a small margin loan from the bank. And this, despite Trump’s most darkly memorable speech of the campaign having accused Hillary Clinton of selling out average Americans to “international banks.” Footage of Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein even ended up in Trump’s “closing argument” ad as visual shorthand of the evil forces of finance who were pulling Clinton’s strings.


There are a lot of talented people at Goldman Sachs.

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Put not your faith in princes.

Posted by: dearieme | Nov 30, 2016 4:17:33 PM