Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jacob warns of dangers with casino |

“State officials are failing to do their most important job, to protect the public safety,” Jacob said. “Caltrans is allowing this casino to open without all the needed traffic safety improvements in place, including new turn lanes, retaining walls and signals at critical highway intersections, including the fire station.”


I don't know if you've seen Season 2 of True Detective but that's essentially what I guess is going on with this new casino. So many hundreds of millions of dollars are at play that it's hard to believe important palms are not being oiled. I don't know anything specific, but it's a fair guess, this being California.

I reckon I will get used to taking the back way to my house and we'll have to be much more careful going to the local AM/PM or liquor store. Probably the liquor store will be out of bounds. What this will do to our property values, I don't know. Probably won't be good. I'm glad to see people are still fighting this though.

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