Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Horrific, Predictable Result of a Widely Armed Citizenry - The New Yorker

The killings in Dallas are one more reminder that guns are central, not accessory, to the American plague of violence. They were central fifty-plus years ago, when a troubled ex-Marine had only to send a coupon to a mail-order gun house in Chicago to get a military rifle with which to kill John F. Kennedy—that assassin-sniper also fired from a Dallas building onto a Dallas street. They are central now, when the increased fetishism of guns and carrying guns has made such horrors as last night’s not merely predictable but unsurprising. The one thing we can be sure of, after we have mourned the last massacre, is that there will be another. You wake up at three in the morning, check the news, and there it is.


This makes perfect sense. First, there is an attack on cops. Cops get scared, stay in their cars, and police less. Then, people get scared and so want to take care of themselves. Perfect time to take all their guns away. Me, I just don't want to drop 1500 clams on an "assault weapon" but I hear a Springfield SOCOM M1A calling my name. More like 1900, actually.

What these idiots don't understand is, it's a common pool problem. If everyone could just agree to not use violence against each other, then coitenly, we could dispense with guns. But I live 15 miles from the border, have had three SWAT style raids in my neighborhood for drugs (pretty cool, actually) and it takes the sheriff a good 30 minutes to get to my house, assuming they pick up my 911 call at all. Much more likely is a recording saying "your emergency is very important to us! Stay on the line and yada yada!" Meanwhile the crazed meth-head is lumbering up my stairway. Really? This is OK? I'm supposed to put up with this just so what? How about we keep our guns just until you put together a cogent argument that includes a high level of security for me and mine. Then of course, there's always earthquakes, EMPs, and Zombies. All somewhat possible.

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It seems to me that most anti-gun arguments in the US are essentially dishonest, because they don't really acknowledge that you need to start with two key facts. (i) You hold huge numbers of guns already, and (ii) you all dislike each other, and so are very ready to kill with them.

Posted by: dearieme | Jul 10, 2016 2:58:03 AM