Sunday, June 19, 2016

This is how big business can easily prevent the next Orlando tragedy - MarketWatch

Put simply, the gun industry is a financial pipsqueak, and the assault-weapon business its 98-pound weakling. Sturm Ruger’s market cap is $1.08 billion. Remington has $900 million in junk-rated debt and generated a $48 million cash-flow loss in the first quarter of this year, validating Moody’s Investor Services assessment that it’s “speculative, of poor standing, and deeply subject to credit risk.” Smith & Wesson is worth $1.14 billion. Colt Defense is in Chapter 11.

Buy ’em all, and you’ve got plenty left over from LinkedIn’s jackpot to buy growth companies like athenahealth Inc. ATHN, -0.89% Fitbit FIT, +0.94%  , or a bunch of biotech startups that may actually save lives.


Sure, that's a great idea. But you should ask the shareholders first and see if they want to make this donation. Maybe it would be better to ask Serge and Larry if they want to do this on their own dime.

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