Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trump's Long Game by Elizabeth Drew | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

What the great majority of people didn’t understand when Trump rode down that escalator and announced he was running, and in the early weeks of his candidacy, when some dismissed him as “a buffoon,” is how long-sighted he is. New York has a number of very wealthy builders, but none of the others are celebrities. In fact, it was when his business was stumbling in the first part of the early 1990s that Trump switched his focus from building to making himself a brand and selling that. People in numerous states have been excited by the spectacle of his plane (with gold seat buckles), his name emblazoned on the fuselage, whooshing in for a landing. Whatever degree of narcissism lies behind it, Trump’s pasting his name on everything he can get his hands on has had a long-term political as well as economic purpose. Trump is the first brand to run for president.


Lots of people look at the polls and say, don't worry about Trump. I'm still worried about Trump. I think he'll win. But then I always think things that end up not happening. Then we'll get Hillary. Hooo-ray.

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