Friday, February 26, 2016

Glenn Reynolds: A Trump wave is on the way

Novelist Bret Easton Ellis, for example, recently tweeted: "Just back from a dinner in West Hollywood: shocked the majority of the table was voting for Trump but they would never admit it publicly.” What he describes is preference falsification — but if people stop hiding, it will become a cascade. And Ellis himself has started that process with this tweet. Meanwhile, confronted with PC nonsense, college students have started chanting ”Trump! Trump!” (Law professor Ann Althouse has been predicting this cascade for weeks.)


I offer the following guide for my readers:

Trump: Obviously not a complete idiot; probably not Hitler as no micro-penis. Might be friendly fascist; might shred Constitution or what's left of it. Positions all over the place, probably doesn't give them much thought. Would def. be anti-establishment but what would he replace it with? Pot luck on SCOTUS. Won't nuke anything as would destroy too much Trump property. Older than he looks.

Hillary: Super corrupt, shrill harpy from hell, not my cuppa. Bill back in saddle, but this might result in faster MI. Govt full of horrible to contemplate rent seekers. Said to be firm on foreign policy but SecState was unmitigated disaster. First (out) lesbians on SCOTUS if you care. Health not so good so VP matters.

Bernie: Has integrity like many Commies.

Cruz: Constitutionalist but not keen on economics. Weird personality. Probably not going to win. Tax plan very confusing and might make your taxes go up if you make more than 50K.

Rubio: Good looking, nice guy but not actually very nice I'm sure. Gut says he's a player like they all are. Foreign policy meh. Supposed to be strong against Hillary.

Anybody else?

So that's the roundup. Good luck with your vote, peeps!

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Good wrap-up. Pity the stakes are so high.

Posted by: Jonathan | Feb 26, 2016 8:31:54 PM

If it were Trump vs Hellary, and were I American, I'd hold my nose and vote for Trump. And were I Christian, I'd pray like mad. "Please, Lord, do not let Mr Trump follow his own worst instincts." "But let him jail Hellary at least."

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 27, 2016 6:57:35 AM

Mr. Smith,
If that law thingy doesn't work out, you should consider becoming a handicapper. I think you are a natural.

Posted by: JMOD46 | Feb 28, 2016 7:19:20 PM