Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Meaninglessness Of Ben Carson's Views On Egyptian Pyramids | RedState

From this, we are supposed to conclude, I guess, that this makes Ben Carson ineligible to be president. I certainly don’t agree with Carson on this but neither do I think it is terribly material to anything. If you are trying to make a case that Carson is an idiot or against science, I think it takes more than a religious conviction to discredit an internationally prominent neurosurgeon with a string of articles published in scholarly medical journals. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton believes in man-induced global warming. Many of the same people criticizing Carson actually believe that gender has nothing to do with chromosomes or endocrinology or physiology. When it comes to GMOs, especially seeds that minimize the need for herbicides and insecticides, the entire left make the Luddites look positively progressive. If you scratch a leftist you find someone screaming “vaccines cause autism.” And let’s not even get started on the bizarre belief that heterosexual marriage and the pathetic fraud that is homosexual marriage are even comparable much less equal.


Darn. Nope. I'm afraid that means Carson is a nutball. This is news to me; I had not heard anything about his view of the purposes of the Pyramids. Nutballs should not be President. Hillary is a different kind of nutball. She should also not be President. There are still other choices. Not everybody can be a nutball.

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