Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sah-ry, eh? We're in the midst of the Canadian Vowel Shift - Macleans.ca

Out with “oot.” No more “aboot.” Canada is talking with a New Speak. In a linguistic pivot called the Canadian Vowel Shift, we are pronouncing “God” more like “gawd,” “bagel” like “bahgel,” “pillow” like “pellow,” and “sorry” less like “sore-y.” The word “Timbit” is becoming “Tembet,” and “Dan slipped on the staircase” now sounds more like “Don” “slept” on it. First discovered in 1995, the new vowels are contagious, spreading rapidly from Victoria to St. John’s, where linguists are mapping the frequency of people’s voices and using ultrasounds to track their tongue and lip placement.

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There's nae luck aboot the hoose
There's nae luck at a
There's nae luck aboot the hoose
While my good man's awa.

Posted by: dearieme | Aug 5, 2015 1:12:32 PM